Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25 - National Towel Day

WHY A TOWEL?  Well ... 

"... a towel ... is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch-hiker can have. Partly it has great practical value. You can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a mini-raft down the slow heavy River Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (such a mind-bogglingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can't see it, it can't see you — daft as a brush, but very very ravenous); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough."
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

SO.  In honor of towel day I am going to carry one around with me all day and see who asks why I am carrying it.  When they do (and some will), instead of going into afore-quoted Adams passage, I plan to nod and say one of these brief responses, whether they make sense to the situation or not:

"Mostly harmless."  OR
"So long and thanks for all the fish." OR
"Time is an allusion; lunchtime doubly so." OR ... favourite ... I will simply nod and say, "42."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24 - Scavenger Hunt Day

I celebrated this day by finding a school library book in the depths of one of our cars in order to not have to pay $15 for it on the last day of school.  Go me!!

Um, I'm a mom now.  Scavenger Hunt Day is EVERY day.

I'm done here.  ;-)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14 - Train Day

 did not even mean to do this, but on train day our youngest and I took to the rails near our house.  It was a sudden decision and happened after we had sneaked out of the house to get some Thai food and DQ ... something we can't do with any other person in the house!  Then again, everyone likes DQ ... but I digress ...

We saw one gentleman who was there to watch after the junction and he was fine with us exploring.  Explore, we did.  We climbed the trains which were all freight rails and found a few ties that had come out at one point and rusted.  We were allowed to come home with a bag full of them.  We also had a bag full a memories ... most of them made up as we created completely-false-but-feasible stories about why the railroad spikes were there.

Train Day celebrates all things trains.  Enthusiasts about the humble beginnings of locomotive transportation to engineers creating the future of travel, groups across the USA are pondering the CHOO CHOO and gathering train stuff.

Yet I could not keep myself from giggling because I kept singing Boil that Cabbage Down a la The Smothers Brothers and resisted the urge to look over my shoulder for vicious pumas in the crevasses.

Happy Train Day, aficionados!  This is for you.  ;-)

Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13 - Friday the 13th - Blame Someone Else!

Today is National Blame Someone Else Day, an unofficial national day that was invented by Anne Moeller of Michigan around 1982 or something.  Apparently one morning her alarm failed to go off ... followed by a string of bad luck throughout the day ... which happened to be Friday the 13th.

Sounds like she had Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day ... and got back at it by making it a national holiday??  Waaaa waaaaa waaaaaaaa ....  baby.  But I jest.  Since I don't know what things happened to her I have no room to tease-whine, but I must say that this stupid Friday the 13th gets way more traction than it should.  I mean, equal employment act was adopted on Friday the 13th in October of 1967.  THAT'S awesome.  Also, Benjamin Franklin said that famous quote about death and taxes.  I don't know if that's GOOD necessarily, but it's not entirely horrid.  For some.

I also heard the first nudist colony was founded in the UK on this day.  And I'll bet someone got lucky that day too.  It may be Friday the 13th and if something inauspicious happens to me I am going to blame someone else for everything.  You know, like my kids do.  *wink*

Anyway, yeah, so maybe nothing AMAZING is celebrated or remembered on this day, but hey, it's just a day.  Someone wonderful is born and someone wonderful dies.  And life goes on.  

Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12 - Limerick Day

 There once was a girl from Nantucket...

Okay, so most people know THAT much and many only assume the following rhyme.  At any rate, it's limerick day and this day celebrates the birthday of English artist, author, poet and illustrator Edward Lear who is known for his nonsensical limericks.  The wee poems were popularized by his book of poetry which he aptly titled "Book of Nonsense." to to celebrate...hmmm I just don't KNOW!  *wink*

I'm sitting right here on my arse
Trying to plot a new farce
I'll write it with Beth
It's not Cake or Death
But will end with the same two word parse!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11 - Eat What You Want Day

Score.  I'm going to Starbucks.  To celebrate EAT WHAT YOU WANT DAY I am going to share with you something off the Secret Menu at Starbucks.  For you Harry Potter fans, have you ever wanted to take your muggle-self to Hogsmeade?  Have a Butterbeer at ye olde starbucks by asking for a creme frappuccino base (don't skip on the fat on this one--considering the day and all--whole milk gives it a better consistency).  Add 3 pumps of caramel syrup, 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup, and top that baby with caramel drizzle.  Sound like it could kill you with sugar?  This is possible, but you're a wizard and all ... you've cheated death before.  Oooo!  And this also makes a lovely latte.

Fiction is great, isn't it?

Oh yeah, and there is a Green Master Frappuccino for Star Wars fans who consider Yoda their personal trainer.  Ask for a Green Tea Frappuccino, add java chips, and then top it with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.  OR try a Storm Trooper Frappuccino by starting with a Vanilla Ceme Frappuccino made with syrup (not powder) and top it with whipped cream and mocha drizzle.

Sounds like a yummy, fun thing to include in Eat What You Want Day ... besides, we all know there is really no "secret menu" there.  I know I'm pushing the eat what you want idea with #nevermindDRINKcrapanddie.  Anyhoo, just ask for what you want; these are recipes that people who have a strong caffeine addiction have created and SB is more than happy to fill their bank account with money for your personal creations.  

Maybe to celebrate this day I am going to make up my OWN drink.  Hmmm ... hmmmm ... I know!  The Theatre Diva Latte.  It's an empty cup, of course.  If you're a good actor, no one will know!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


In honour of NO SOCKS DAY, I took a picture of this in my laundry room.  

Enough said?

May 25 - National Towel Day

WHY A TOWEL?   Well ...  "... a towel ... is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch-hiker can have. Partly ...